Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, February 28, 2011


On February 28, 2011 Elder Johnson wrote:

Family and Friends:

Well, it was a struggle to get him into the baptismal clothes, a struggle to get him into the font, and a big struggle to get him under the water. In the end, Benjamin was baptized, 76 years of life, washed clean. The hard part is now over! Benjamin, a super-star, non-tobacco, non-coffee, non-Virgin de Guadalupe, gospel-loving convert, and the newest member of the Barrio Industrial! We are very excited for him!

My companion and I are very content because we accomplished our goal of five baptisms this transfer (the only ones in our district, if I may toot our horn just a tiny bit!) and have another one planned for this weekend, Ignacio, the husband of Teresa who was baptized a few weeks ago. We are excited about his baptism and are working hard with him so that it will all go smoothly.

A request I would like to make to all of you readers out there: don't be shy about sending me pictures of your families, fiestas, or good times you are having! I would love you see your smiling faces!

I hope you are well, I love you all so much!

Elder Johnson

Mom and Dad, depending on what happens the next few weeks, I'll let you know what I would like for my birthday. I'm not really too concerned for receiving a package right on my birthday, just getting letters from you is enough. However, this much is certain: Please send me peanuts and pistachios and bottle caps (the candy). I would enjoy those very much!

I love you!

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