Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


On February 14, 2011, Elder Johnson wrote:

Hello Friends and Family:

This week we were able to accomplish a lot of things! We helped Juan Carlos and Graciela get married on Saturday and on Sunday we baptized Maria and Teresa! The next weekend we will baptize Graciela (and Juan if we can convince him) and the daughter of Maria, Fernanda. We are excited to be helping families take the first steps to being eternal, happy families.

We have been working hard with Benjamin and he hasn't smoked this whole month! He is pretty excited about being baptized on the 26th. His love and adoration for la Santa Virgen Maria is is posing to be difficult...small steps, we told him. He understands, however, why we don't worship her.

Happy Valintiene's Day to all! The traditions of the Mexicans are always very odd. The traditions for this holiday involve a lot of balloons of all shapes and sizes, thick perfume and cologne, and all the girls have their hair done up and a little bit thicker make-up. They all like to give stuffed animals to each other, which I guess is pretty normal, but I personally think that they are...well let's just say, I don't have room for them in my life. Except for one special teddy bear, and a small bean-stuffed moose. But those are the ONLY exceptions.

I hope you are all well, and enjoying kissing whoever it is that you kiss. You better enjoy it, because I can't. Haha!

I love you!

Elder Johnson

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