Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


On Monday, February 7, 2011, Elder Johnson wrote:

Family and Friends and the Such:

Well this week was pretty good. We are having a lot of success with the investigators we have right now. They are making good progress and we are really seeing miracles in their lives. However, some of them are not wanting to do their part. It really kills me inside, to see people who are so close to blessing their own lives and the lives of generations, and not being able to take the little step of faith in order to do that. We as a companionship have been praying and fasting for these people to be able to make that step. I hope they can and I hope they will do it now! our investigator Benjamin has not smoked for 15 days! He already looks so much better, and has more energy and his brain is working better. I never really knew what tobacco did specifically to the mind until I saw the changes that have taken place in Benjamin. Word of Wisdom rules; drugs drool! We will be having two baptisms next week, Maria and Teresa. They are sisters and are very happy in the gospel. They are both very excited about being baptized by divine authority, which is cool that people are picking up on that.

Shakira asked me a question, which was, wats yer favorite scripture? In response to that, so that everyone knows, right now my favorite scripture is found in Leviticus 2:13. Ten points and a gold star for whoever can tell me WHY it's my favorite. I am also digging the prophesies and teachings of the prophet Nephi in the book of Helaman. That's a good story full of adventure, famine, and some cool heavenly special effects. It is worthy of a read.

I have decided that my companion is a lot like Brother Donaldson, except definitely not as cool. He is very smart, and works hard, and is a great guy. His personality type is a lot like Brother Donaldson.

I love you all and hope you are well!

Elder Johnson

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