Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


On Monday, January 31, Elder Johnson Wrote:

Family and Friends:

This week was an odd one. It's kinda weird living with someone from Peru. He's got a different way of going about everything, that is for sure. His character is different from anyone I've spent time with. Yup. He works hard though, and is obedient, so that's good!

This week we are working with some good people. We really need some help with your prayers with a man named Juan Carlos, who is the dad of the two boys I was able to baptize. He needs some help finding a motivation to go to church, so that he can be baptized with his wife Graciela, also so they can get married, so that they can be baptized. I appreciate your help and prayers and support on my behalf and on behalf of my investigators.

Benjamin has not smoked in a week! We are so happy and rejoice with him every day! He will be able to be baptized in about three weeks! Sweet!

This week we came into contact with a lady named Maria and her two daughters Fernanda and Carla. Maria is very interested in the church and came to church with her sister Terry. They are doing great and we look forward to continue teaching them.

This week I had some tacos. Near the end of eating them, I was thoroughly convinced that they were brains. I was pretty psyched that I was eating brains, but they turned out to only be eggs. Dang. Maybe next time. One thing I do like, which is actually one of the only things that doesn't make my intestines act funny is called pancita, some call it menudo, but you can call it cow stomach. It smells pretty bad but the texture and flavor are pretty excellent. You might even want to give it a try, all you adventure seekers out there. Then you can tell all your friends and be a hero.

I love you all! I hope you are all doing well!

Elder Johnson

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  1. One of Iver's companions from his time in Washington just returned home to Hawaii and friended him on facebook. WooHoo! Welcome home Elder Gleed!