Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, February 21, 2011


On Monday, February 21, Elder Johnson wrote:

Family and Friends:

This week we were able to help Fernanda (daughter of Maria) and Graciela get baptized. I'll tell you what, the bad guy really knows what he is doing. We almost had to fight with our fists to get Graciela to get baptized this week. The last days before a baptism are the hardest, and the bad guy doesn't want it to happen, so he does whatever is necessary to make people not do it. However, after a lot of prayer, some big, ugly tears on the part of my companion, a couple phone calls to leaders, a conversation with our bishop, and our zone leaders meeting with Graciela, we were finally able to get her baptized at 8 a.m. Sunday morning (I had to wake up at four to fill the font). The baptism was great, except her husband showed up a little tipsy...Worse things have happened, life goes on, the work continues. Fernanda was baptized without any major difficulties.

The music here in Mexico is sometimes funny. As a missionary, I don't listen to it, but I am exposed to it, because the majority of people listen to it really loud in their houses. Originally, before my mission, I thought everyone in Mexico listened to the kind of music that you hear in the states, coming from the cars of the immigrants. That fun, finger poppin' polka music we all love so much: um-pah pah, um-pah pah, AAAAMMOOOOOORRRRRR.....but, no. There are some people who like that music, and there are some that like modern rock, in Spanish, Spanish rap, Spanish gospel, Spanish metal, Spanish scream-o, and my favorite (which I'll admit I never would have imagined) Spanish reggae. The eyes of my understanding have been opened, and I can see clearly how things really are in other countries.

I love you and hope you are well:

Elder Johnson

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