Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On July 4, 2011 Elder Johnson wrote personal, individual letters to Corbin, Shakira and I. He is very busy with a new mission president coming in, and could not take more time to write the general letter he usually writes. I will share some of what he wrote to us:

To Shakira, a joke:

How does Hitler tie his shoes?
Into little Nazis! lol

He also wrote a very loving, heartfelt letter of council and comfort to his sister.

To Corbin:

Thanks for your advice about the new president! He is a swell guy and I had a good time getting to know him (Iver had a meeting and interview with him on Friday). He looks a lot like Papa Ted, and is a very spiritual man. I look forward to doing all he says and following his guidance.

And to me:

Happy Fourth of July! This is the last one I will pass on my mission! Woah!

I didn't know you taught the Gospel Principles class (I actually don't, just sub sometimes and told him about my experience Sunday). How cool! Did you know I do too? It's a tad different in Spanish, but so much fun! My "students" love learning and reading out of the Book of Mormon. It is always fun to prepare the class, saying a prayer before so I can help the spirit touch every person somehow. It's difficult but it is the best way.

And about your missionary question (I have someone I am really wanting to share with, and I asked his advice), the best thing to do is just do it. When you see an opportunity, just do it, because it may pass you by forever.

I love you!
I miss you!

Elder Iver Johnson

And oh, how we miss and love him too!

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