Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


On November 30, 2010 Elder Johnson wrote:

Family and Friends:

Good day to you all! I hope you are all doing so well! This week I was happy to have gotten a bunch of letters from various persons, and I thank you all so much! They made my month (since we really get mail every month to month and a half). This week was a pretty interesting one. We have two baptisms on Sunday, Diana y Omar. We are excited and a little stressed having to get everything ready for that, such as get them married and such. This will be my first baptism on my mission! Wow...six months in and I'm finally having a baptism! We ran into a great new couple this past week, their names are Manuel y Alma. They came to church on Sunday (after just one visit) and they have agreed to be baptized this coming month. They also need to be married (hmmmm...seems like a pattern here...).

I found out today that scorpions like to find their way into the baptismal font in our church when no one is looking and when it's empty. I haven't seen one yet, but we're going to have to clean that bad boy this weekend. I hope there's a scorpion in it! That would be cool. I went to Mexico City this week to sign some papers so I can legally stay here for the rest of my mission. We went to the immigration office and sat there for four and a half hours with about 100 people in a room that I decided would be excellent for a scene in a zombie movie, all the while having
nothing to do. That was fun. I had the opportunity to see some of the missionaries I came here with.

This week was kind of a turning point for me, because I started to really get along with Elder Larranaga. Until this last week, he did some things that just drove me some of the different culture things that are way different from my own. We had a talk about those things, and the both of us are doing a lot better now. We were able to understand each other a bit more and we are beginning to be friends now. The Lord told us that if we don't have the spirit, we won't teach. Sometimes you need to sit down with your companion and tell him what makes you upset, and him tell you what makes him upset so you can get the spirit and teach by the spirit, and avoid those other spirits which are not from God.

I've been happy to hear about all your adventures in your letters and I pray for you all a lot.

I love you!
Elder Iver Johnson

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  1. I am soo proud of u!!! keep up the good work and thank you for the update!!! ur amazing