Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, October 4, 2010

On October 4, 2010 Elder Johnson wrote:

Greetings My Friends and Family!
Two cool things happened this week. One: we are officially in the "you could be called at any time to go to Mexico" time, and two: I had a really spiritual experience that has showed me the potential of a friend on mine, especially concerning missionary work.
We are teaching some good investigators. One family is named the Enriquez family, they are six in total. The parents are not married, but are moving towards it, and the kids (except one) all support that. They have good potential, especially the wife who attended a session of General Conference. Another family we are teaching are named the Lopez family. We began teaching their son, and now are able to teach the whole family, except the mom. They are stuck on why we need to go to church, and why we need to read the scriptures. We are trying so hard to teach them that. We are also teaching the Arriaga family, who have great potential. The father even came to the Priesthood session on Conference!
Other than that, my companions and I really are starting to get along better, and are really enjoying the work. They had training this week and were in Moses Lake the majority of last week, so I got to go on splits with Elder Stewart, who is green like me (except was in beginner Spanish). This week I learned that I know a lot more Spanish than I think I do! Lot's of pressure when you are the only one who can speak it (well...). We were able to do really good work together, including (but not limited to): Working in the local food bank, being interpreters for the people who speak Spanish, and tracking into and having a great lesson with the local Presbyterian Minister.

Well, I love you!

Elder Iver Johnson

P.S. Included are pictures of a cool sunset (and the prettiest part of Washington I have been in so far), a dead skunk, some of my ward mission leader's piranhas, and me with a cool old jeep!

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