Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, October 11, 2010


On October 11, Elder Johnson wrote:

Hello Family and Friends:

When the Prophet Joseph Smith lost the pages of the book of Lehi, he was thrown into a deep despair, and for awhile, he lost the gift of translation. He was unable to work for awhile on the Lord's errand. His mother bore record of him calling on God to forgive him. She said he called Him by an interesting name. He called Him "my God," not "Father" or "Lord." This, my friends, is interesting to me. It make me think, really, truly: Who is "my God?"

Our God, as defined by our religion, is the father of our spirits, He is the creator, He is perfect, He is a personage with a body of flesh and bones, He is all-knowing, all powerful, He is a person defined by love, He is a person who works by faith. We fail to recognize sometimes that there are times in our lives that we aren't obeying the commandment, both the first of the Ten, and The First Great Commandment (Matt.22) that states, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3)." The gods that we could possibly have that are not God, don't necessarily have to be idols, but could be as simple as saying, "I can do that, I don't need help, I am a pro." I appreciated the talks this last conference on pride and how it is the "original sin." Who, WHAT, is MY God? Do I spend my time marveling in the strength of myself? Do I continue praying, wrestling in vain, to change the will of God? Do I withhold the thanks that I have in my heart for God, and instead give praise to them, or to myself, who I can physically see?

Where is my heart?

The answer can be found through study, prayer, and submission. All things that we see as trials today, God sees as things that will build us up. When we are able to see this and believe it, and work everyday to get closer to God, that's when we know we are following that commandment. That's when we know who our God is. That's when we can call him "My God" like the Prophet Joseph.

My God loves me. My God is concerned about me. My God works wonders. My God sacrificed His only son for me.

And I love My God.

I love you!

Elder Iver Johnson

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