Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


On April 2, 2012 Elder Johnson wrote:

That was a good conference! I really enjoyed it and was able to find many answers to my questions. I was happy to find that when we got to the stake center, there was a room set apart for the English speaking people and I was able to hear the Prophet's voice in English, which rocked. It is always more powerful listening to him and not a translator. When we got there some people from my first ward told me that Benjamin was there, I looked and looked as soon as it was over, but I couldn't find him. I hope in the next few weeks we can get together. We were able to take Virginia and Berenice to the conference, they liked it a lot and definitely felt that the spirit was there.

We have a baptism planned this week for Liliana. She chose her own date, the 6th, which is significant in the church, and will be very significant for her.

We are working hard on getting closer as a companionship. We have made little progress, but little is better than none.

Today we went to a large Catholic Cathedral and it was interesting. It is a very reverent place inside, however it is not the same reverence as what we have in the church. It seems to say: It's good here, but we're missing something. It helps me connect with the people here better. They always say they feel good when they go to their church, and that's why they like it and don't want to change. I understand, because it is way different from the outside world, however, it just doesn't feel like the happy reverence found in our church buildings and especially our temples. I am happy I had that experience and I hope that it will help me understand the needs of the people better so that I can teach them the Gospel according to their needs, especially when they don't want to go to our church. God is a happy God, not a sad, reverent God.

I was amazed and astounded this week during the conference. On Saturday, President Packer spoke. That poor guy is getting old, and having a hard time. I could see that. As he was speaking, to my amazement, I saw angels ministering unto him and helping him as he spoke. It brought peace to my heart and tears to my eyes to see that God is indeed interested in his sons and daughters, and is willing and wanting to help them when they need it. How I pray that we can live our lives as to be worthy of the heavenly aid that is in store for us.

I hope you all study and re-study the words of the living prophets. Heaven forbid we don't listen and follow, for God has spoken.

I love you all so much!

Elder Johnson

From Michelle: The picture above is Iver art, sent on the back of an envelope all the way from Mexico...thrilling to see when I opened up the mailbox!!!

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