Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, January 9, 2012


On January 9, 2012 Elder Johnson wrote:

Hello Family:

Well this week went pretty fast. Before I knew it we were in church taking the Sacrament again. I do enjoy bringing people to church who like it and want to go. Silvia offered a wonderful prayer this week and said, "Help us make the change to this church, that it will be smooth for us and that we will feel comfortable there." The only thing I am worried about is her son, Manuel. He doesn't like the primary teacher (she's a yeller) and doesn't really want to go. Please pray for him that some miracle will happen and he will want to go. They have plans to be baptized this week after church. It will be a special day. I am excited to see them all dressed up in white. Please, please keep them in your prayers.

In Mexico there is a day that is called dia de los Reyes Magos. It is the sixth of January, and we celebrate it as the day the Wise Men came to visit the Christ Child. All the ninos get gifts and at night we eat a rosca (sweet bread in the shape of a wreath with dried fruits on top) and drink hot chocolate. Inside the rosca is hidden a little doll that represents the Christ hiding from the evil King Herod, who wants to find him and kill him. After the rosca is cut, everyone grabs a piece and whoever finds the little doll has to buy everyone tamales on the 2nd of February. Luckily I didn't find the little doll, but my companion did! I'm looking forward to the tamales in February. I hope he buys Oaxacan tamales, those are the best.

We will be working hard this week with some family members of some people in our ward. They are very nice, but very Catholic, which is not that new for me, but it will be good to help them pray and receive an answer. They are named Victor, Roman, Rafael, and Carmen.

I love you all!

Elder Iver Johnson

From Michelle:

Today we received a very special package from Mexico! It was filled with wonderful letters and little gifts, handmade by Iver and some of the people he is working with. My heart is absolutely singing!! I have posted a photograph here of the watercolor painting he sent to me. In my letter, he described it with the lyrics to a fabulous song from the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou: "I'll be somewhere a-workin', I'll be somewhere a-workin', I'll be somewhere a-workin' for my Lord." Beautiful, beautiful Iver.

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