Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, April 11, 2011


On April 11, 2011 Elder Johnson wrote:

Family and Friends:

What a week. We had a good week, and are pleased today. We had splits with our District Leader on Wednesday, Thursday our Zone leaders came over and gave us compliments (that hardly ever happens here, unfortunately), and on Friday the Assistants to the President came over and we went on splits with them (really great guys). On Friday afternoon, the people we were going to baptize went on vacation, so we can't baptize them this month (surprise vacation). On Saturday we had to basically start over, and we found ten people that day, and on Sunday we were able to bring five of them to church! After that my companion and I saved a man's life as he was having a seizure on the sidewalk (my companion is a former paramedic). It was cool, and he let me help save his life, so that was cool. It's too bad that he doesn't live anywhere near our area, so we can't teach him...

Anyway, crazy week. Yup. The people we are teaching right now are: Marcela, who's husband is never sober; Matilde and her grandsons, Kevin and Kenneth, who are really interested in the church, and have spent time together reading the pamphlets and the scriptures; and Angel who is a teen, and really happy about learning about the church, and came all by himself to church because the rest of his family didn't want to go. Please remember these people and pray for them! They are such wonderful people and need our prayers!

I enjoy living in the city. It is a lot different than Denver, a lot of people in not a lot of space and so many cars it is not even funny. A lot of people who drink, just because they have nothing better to do, and hardly ever are sober. A lot of ninos (sorry, cannot make an enyay on my American keyboard) who like to play "trumpo" which is a type of top. I bought one...I need a lot of practice. It seems like the only thing that the kids know in English are "wat iz jour nam?" and the "f-word", both of which they yell at us, and then quickly hide. Silly ninos. The only thing I really don't enjoy about the people here is the fact that they lie, all of them, all the time, and they aren't even good at it. It drives me crazy. Other than that, it's all great down here. We are going to have to have a hot chili eating contest when I get home. I'm fairly certain I will win, or at least place second, after my dad.

Well, that's all for now, fellow space explorers. I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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