Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, January 17, 2011


On January 17, Elder Johnson wrote:

Families and Friendies:

This week was a good one. Except for when I got sick. Boy was I sick. I didn't sleep at all one night, and instead had a fun time wringing out my stomach lining over the toilet bowl. The whole night. Yup. I thought I was going to die seven times. Yes, seven times. The good news is, I am better now, and I didn't die, and don't plan on dying. However, a note to all you future missionaries out there: Beware of the lettuce.

We are having two baptisms this week, a young man (17) named Dilan and his brother Gad (12). They will be my first baptisms on my mission. They are very sure that they are going to be baptized, and have chosen, ah-hem, your's truly to perform the ordinance! I am relatively psyched. More or less. Please keep them in your prayers this week, so that it will actually happen. Our investigator Benjamin is doing well on quitting smoking. He is down from 20 cigs a day to about 6, and he keeps getting better. Our ward mission leader nicknamed him "fu-man-chu" which is directly translated to "smokey." Looks like he might have to choose a different nickname for him in the coming weeks. That's good news!

Remember, remember my loved ones: "We should be filling our pews with people that reek of tobacco!"

We had the opportunity to go bowling today, and I bowled a 95. It was waaayyyy better than the last time our district went bowling.

I love you all. I hope you are doing great!

Elder Johnson

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