Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


On March 19 Elder Johnson wrote:


This week was good. Elena was confirmed and is so excited about being a member that she brought a friend to church. It is cool to see others have the desire of sharing the Gospel. Elder Nava and I made rice crispy treats for the Relief Society, and they were a hit. We are hoping that from that we will receive a lot of help from the ward. We need to help get them excited.

It seems that right when things "get rolling" in my areas, that they send me to a new area. I was transferred to the city of Queretero again, to the ward called Villas. It's odd, because it is the ward right next to my first area. It is just across the street. My new companion is named Elder Miron. He is from Vera Cruz, and I have yet to see him smile. I hope I can break into his shell and we can be friends.

Well, not much time...

I love you all!

Elder Iver Johnson

From Michelle:

Sorry I didn't post last week. Corbin and I are getting ready to travel to Mexico City to pick Iver up in June, and his letter was just instructions for us.

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