Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


On Monday, December 20, 2010, Elder Johnson wrote:

Well, I'll tell you something funny. Here in Queretaro, we must be like a month behind you guys or something. I had no idea that Olive was going to be baptized! I knew she was meeting with the missionaries, from the letters I have been receiving...from like three weeks ago...But, hey! That's great news! Congrats Olive! I want to write you a letter but we don't have a "post office" here. I'm sorry. Just know I have been praying so much for you!

This week was kind of frustrating. Here in Queretaro everyone has a time called "vacations" where they all take off for a couple weeks to go visit their moms in the little pueblitos all around the country. Guess what all our investigators did this week? Yup. So lots of knocking on doors that no one is behind. Other than that, my new companion Elder Contreras and I are getting along very well. He's got a great personality that is helping me be happy more. He's a good hard worker and ready to take on our area. Hopefully we will have a baptism this transfer. That would be good. Yup.

Well this week is Christmas! We are goint to our Bishop's house on Christmas to make our phone calls. I'll be making mine around 7:00. We are going to have you call if that's possible. We'll get there and give you a call to make sure you have the number, and have you call back. I'm sorry about that, but it costs a bunch of money to call from here, which I just don't have. All is in order. All is calm. All is bright! We will only have 40 minutes to talk, so remember that. I am going to have to shut it down right at 40 minutes, OK? 40 Minutes. Groovy.

I hope you all are doing so great! Merry Christmas!
I love you!

Elder Johnson

A side note from Iver's mommy :)...
Since Iver did not include any pictures in this email, I wanted to include one of Olive's very special baptism day! Iver loves this dear friend so much, and is overjoyed at her joining the church! And we love and adore her, too!!

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