Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Honk Honk (This is Iver's title, not mine!)

On July 6, 2010 Iver wrote:

Howdy Family, Friends, and Whoever Reads This Letter!

Mom and Shak: Thank you so much for the package! The pants are good. The treats were good. And the pictures are sweet! I loved being able to see your faces again! Dad: Thanks for the Salmon info. Thanks for the picture of Estellar (Stella). It's cute and really captures "her". Give her a pat on the head for me.

Unfortunately, the computers here won't let me put pics with my emails, so I am sending some picks via super-slug to my mommy, and grandma, and grandma. If you desire to see my face, please flock to those areas near the end of this week.

This week has been pretty good. While I'm still having troubles in the call center, I'm slowly progressing. This week I received a letter from a Kendall (I don't know which one...but I know it's from their address). I have been receiving a letter from them every week or so, with the heading at the top, "The Gospel According to Spaulding". This week I received chapter 3 which was about Spring Training (baseball). I was really touched that said Kendall sent me this particular letter. There was a part about working on things one piece at a time, and it helped me to really see the big picture. While it was Gospel mingled with Baseball, I found it incredibly wonderful and uplifting. Please find said Kendall and thank them and let them know I am thankful for their letters.

While searching the scriptures I came across a scripture in Alma (Alma 26:25-26ish) which basically states that if we put all our trust in Him we will receive success. Thanks to Ammon. That scripture plucked at my heartstrings, and I continue to strive to live up to the point where God will give me success because of my faith and hard work.

We had the opportunity to teach in Spanish the "second" lesson, and I had the personal opportunity to teach the Atonement. How beautiful the Spanish language is! How descriptive! How lovely sounding! One of my companions described it as "the language of angels," and so it is!!!! I'm progressing well and my tongue is becoming looser as I practice!

We were able to watch the fireworks on Saturday from the "ring of fire" at the BYU stadium. It was cool. The work for fireworks in Spanish literally translates to: artificial fire. It was especially cool when everyone began to sing "Army of Helaman." There are a little over 2000 of us in the MTC now. We are as the army of Helaman, and that has never made so much sense to me. I almost cried. But I didn't.

I doubt not. For my Mommy knew it. I love my mommy. :)

Tell the ward hello, and give them hugs for me!

I love you all very much! Be safe! Be smart! Pray always and be believing!

Love: Elder Iver Johnson

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