Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


On December 12, 2011 Elder Johnson wrote:

Well it is not Christmastime in Mexico without a celebration for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Last night on our way home from an appointment, we decided to go through the center of town, only to find a huge celebration of the Virgin. There were thousands of people! Almost everyone buys balloons to send a note to the Virgin in Heaven so that she can talk to Jesus so He can talk to God. There were a lot of balloons flying away, and a lot of fireworks and a big parade with a very big Virgin statue. Everyone was singing and dancing and eating. It was chaos! It's a good thing we got home alive. We couldn't take any pictures, because we didn't have our cameras.

This week Lourdes was able to get baptized! It was a wonderful service and the spirit was strong there. The day before her baptism she had her baptismal interview and as we were waiting for our leader who does the interview, she helped us sweep the church! She is such a great lady, and is going to be a great member of the church.

I have been pretty sick lately and had to go to the doc. He says that it's only a cold and I don't need to worry. That's always a good thing to hear.

This week I received a package from my parents and my grandparents. Thank you for the packages! Elder Hilario says thank you also!

I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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