Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, October 10, 2011


On October 10, 2011 Elder Johnson wrote:

Friends and Family and All Those Other Wonderful People:

Hello, greetings from Mexico! I hope you are all well!

This week we were able to bring a man named Roque to church. He loves church and loves the feeling that there is there. He is passing through some hard times because he left the U.S. and he can't go back because he doesn't have papers. He is sad because he can't see his kids that live in Ohio. He is struggling but will keep going to church. There he knows he can find peace and the guidance he needs. Please pray for him.

This week we will be working really hard trying to find people to teach so we can have a baptism this month. I hope we can find the people God has prepared.

I loved hearing the prophet announce new temples, what a blessing they are in our life! I hope I get back in time to go to the dedication of the Fort Collins temple, and it would be cool to go the the new Star Valley, WY temple. I heard that there is great fishing up there (which is another thing I really miss right now). President Call has announced that we are going to go to the temple as a mission the first week in November! I hope I get to go on the 5th, that would be an excellent way to celebrate my dad's birthday.

This past week I have been trying really hard to be motivated. Sometimes that is hard in the mission, but I think I am succeeding. Trying to find new people to go to church is hard, but here we go!! I think that bringing Roque to church really helped. I hope we can find the people that God has prepared. Elder Hille and I read in the Book of Mormon that God sends angels to prepare the hearts of the children of men so that they will be able to recognize the truth of what we teach.

I hope you all receive the Ensign or Liahona. This month's issue is super special. It is all about the Book of Mormon. I hope you read the issue, and take the Prophet of the Living God's challenge of reading or rereading the Book of Mormon. Heaven knows I will.

I love you all!!

Elder Iver Johnson

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