Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Mexico, Mexico City North Mission

Monday, September 20, 2010

East Wenatchee

First, a note from Iver's mom:
PLEASE MAIL HIM A LETTER, all of you who love Iver!! A happy encouraging one!! He really needs your love and support right now!! The address listed here on the blog is the one you should use. Please also remember him and that visa in your prayers, if you would.

Now, on Monday, Sept. 20, Elder Johnson wrote

Hola Familia y Amigos:

So, I'm being transferred. I'm going off to East Wenatchee, which is a good 50 miles away from where I am right now. I don't remember my new companion's name. It's something with an "S". We'll be in the Spanish Branch up there. It's going to be difficult leaving Elder Arcia. I had been given some advise from Elder Christenson in the quorum of the seventy, about getting settled in and going to work, and right when I get around to doing that, I get transferred. Dang. I do not know what my new address is, but if you keep sending the mail to the mission office, they'll get it to me somehow.

We ran into this guy named Antonio this week who is going through treatment for tuberculosis. We have to teach him outside because he can't be inside his sister's house without a mask, and even then he has to stay in his own room. He is really excited about learning, because he can't work right now (he can't be in public for the duration of his treatment, which also means he can't be baptized for awhile, and can't go to church for a few months...) and has nothing else to do. We also ran into a lady named Leticia who is an inactive member, and is inactive because something funky went on between her ex-husband and someone in the congregation, to the effect of her being seriously offended and hurt, and hasn't been back since. She needs a lot of love and patience on the part of Elder Arcia, and his next companion.

Please don't hesitate to send me letters, even if it just says: WE LOVE YOU on it. I devour those letters, and they really will help me, especially over the next few weeks.

I love you all!

Elder Iver Johnson

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